Where Does My Sewer Line Run?

Wondering where that sewer line actually goes? You’re not alone.
Not only is it a convenience thing, but it’s important to know and
understand where the items you flush down the drain eventually wind up.

When you move into a new home that has a septic sewer system, it is important
to know where the sewer lines are located both inside and outside of the
home. Why? In case of any issues with clogs or breaks in the line, it
can really help if you can point your plumber in the right direction for repairs.

Below are a few ways to find out where your central drain pipe runs out
of your house, through your yard and into the septic tank or municipal
sewer system.

Ask The Current Homeowner Before You Move

When you first move into a new house you need to know about all of the
home’s utilities should anything happen and repairs need to be made.

One way to find out where utilities like the sewer line run are by asking
the previous homeowner where everything is located.

Check With The Local Municipality

If you are unable to find the septic lines on your own and the previous
owner does not know, you can easily take a trip down to your local zoning
and building office.

They keep mapped records of where sewer lines are laid on properties so
that you can pinpoint where they begin as well as where they end up.

Using this method to find where your line runs can also help you rule out
where to not place sewer lines if you ever need a new one installed.

Perform Your Own Search

If all else fails you can always start doing your own search for where
your sewer line runs.

You can do this by looking in your crawlspace or basement and finding out
where your sewer line exits your house.

Find one drain that is definitely coming from the toilet, follow it to
a larger pipe that it flows into, follow that large pipe to the place
where it exits your house. This pipe leads to where the sewer line runs
and gives you the general idea of where your sewer line is buried.

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