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Why Clean the Dryer Vent?

Dryer vents are usually the first thing that goes unnoticed for homeowners – not surprising considering 98 percent of your dryer vent cannot be seen. But just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it should get less attention than anything else in your home! See below to learn about a few advantages of dryer vent cleaning:

  1. Prevents fires and injuries!  According to, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, inattention to dryer vents leads to 15,000 fires each year. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) reports that dryer vent clogging has also led to hundreds of injuries and deaths along with over one hundred million dollars in property loss.

  2. Saves money! Besides preventing fires, another huge advantage from cleaning your dryer vent includes saving money. Every cycle your dryer goes through adds about $0.75 to your power bill and if your clothes are not drying in one cycle (due to the back up in your dryer vent), think of all the money, time, and energy you are wasting!

  3. Improves air quality in your home! Cleaning out your dryer vent also prevents mold and carbon monoxide from building up and circulating throughout your home!

Dryer vent cleaning varies from each household, but on average your dryer vent should be cleaned a minimum of once per year!

Bottom line: Don’t overlook your dryer vent the next time you’re cleaning your house! If you have any questions or need assistance in cleaning your dryer vent be sure to give the experts at Uptown a call!

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