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Why Consider HVAC Zoning?

You’ve heard your friends talking about zoning their HVAC system and you’re wondering if you should consider having it done in your home. But you aren’t sure what all of the fuss is about and definitely don’t want to make a mistake. So, why are people talking about a home zoning system? In short, it’s much more efficient than some traditional HVAC systems but there’s more to it than that! Find out some of the benefits below:

While just about any home could see the benefits of a zoning system, certain features of a house often lend themselves to greater energy savings. If you have any or all of the features listed below, we strongly encourage you to consider zoning:

  • High (cathedral) ceilings

  • An apartment or room above your garage

  • Large windows throughout the house

  • Basement or attic living spaces

  • Lofts or a sunroom

  • Multiple levels

Why? The basic principle is simple – heating or cooling only certain rooms of your house rather than the entire thing at once will help you save on energy bills. Additionally, a zoning system creates a more comfortable indoor environment and reduces wear and tear on your system. And if you’re looking for even greater savings, pair your zoning system with a programmable thermostat.

Want to learn more about the benefits of HVAC zoning? Call and speak with the heating and cooling experts at Uptown today!

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