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Why Do I Need a Tankless Water Heater?

Freezing temperatures have made their way into Twin Cities and hot water is in high demand. If you’ve had it with running out of hot water halfway through a shower or can’t seem to get the dishes clean without the faucet spitting out cold, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Find out you need to switch to a tankless hot water heater right away:

There’s nothing worse than when the water abruptly turns cold in the middle of your daily shower. Whether you’re preparing for a big day ahead or coming home after a long, stressful workday you deserve a warm, relaxing shower. Same thing goes for when you’re washing dishes or preparing dinner for the family. And with your traditional water heater, chances are you’re running out of hot water way too fast.

There’s no need to worry and there’s no need to deal with inadequate hot water any longer. Tankless water heaters are here to the rescue! Not only will you enjoy a never ending supply of hot water, you’ll save money during the process.

How does it work? Unlike a traditional water heater that stores water in a tank and kicks on to heat it constantly, a tankless system only heats water when you turn on the faucet giving you an energy efficient hot water solution that will help lower utility costs.

What’s more? Tankless heaters can last up to twice as long as conventional systems and since there’s much less that can go wrong, you’ll save on maintenance and repair costs too.

What are you waiting for? Switch to a tankless water heater today and go ahead and take your time in the shower tomorrow! Give the experts at Uptown Plumbing a call today at (612) 324-1004 to learn more.

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