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Why Upgrade Your Radiators?

Is there anything you depend on more than your home’s heating system during a Twin Cities winter? Just think about what you would do without heat. Well, if your radiators just aren’t pumping out warm air like they used to, or you’re simply sick of spending large portions of your hard-earned money on energy bills it’s time to upgrade. See some of the benefits below:

While traditional radiators have the advantage of matching the style and decor of your older Twin Cities home, the costs are probably outweighing the benefits. Flat panel radiators have a more modern look, give off more heat and more energy efficient than your older model. Not only that, many newer models are easier to install and easier to repair than traditional radiators.

If you’re thinking about upgrading, here are a few reasons to choose Uptown for the project:

  • We can show you a full range of the latest models and options on the market to match your needs and your taste.

  • We’re always available with the parts and equipment needed should yours ever need service.

  • We’re fully licensed and insured and all our technicians receive ongoing training to provide you with the best in quality workmanship when installing your new radiator system.

  • We’ll provide you with the full cost of your installation or any repairs before we begin.

That’s not all. Uptown has been operating in the Twin Cities – St. Paul area since 1914 so we surely have years upon years of experience under our belts. All you need to do is give us a call at (612) 324-1004 to speak with our friendly experts today!

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