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Why We Changed Our Name

Hero. You’ve seen it on our trucks, you’ve seen it on our shirts
and you’ve probably seen it all over the internet, too. You may
be wondering why we changed our name from “Uptown” to “Hero”
and we don’t blame you. It can be a cause for concern when a company
changes their name, but we’re here to assure you there’s absolutely
no reason to be alarmed!

The Origins Of Uptown

It all began way back when – over 100 years ago to be more precise. Our
company started out in Minneapolis, hence the name “Uptown.”
Through unbeatable plumbing services, we were able to grow tremendously
over the years both internally and externally.

We worked our way into heating and cooling services and expanded our service
area to cover just about all of the Twin Cities neighborhoods – throughout
Minneapolis and St. Paul. And now, we’re bigger and better than
ever before!

The Introduction Of Hero

Why did we decide to change our name to “Hero?” We wanted to
make it clear that we have a very large service area. No, we did not get
bought out by another company, and no our level of service will not drop.
We are still the same people you know and trust and we will continue to
be for as long as we possibly can…

…we simply didn’t want people thinking we restricted ourselves
to the “Uptown” neighborhoods of Minneapolis.

All in all,
Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a company of people who live and work in the community with you, from
our owner to our newest team members. We proudly give back to our communities
through our community centers, farmers markets, homeless shelters, and
a variety of other programs because we love the Twin Cities and the people
who make it our home.

So, when you need plumbing, heating or cooling experts you can count on
to get the job done right you know you can call Hero! We look forward
to working with you and building a long lasting relationship, because
that’s who we are and that will never change!

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