Why You Should Leave Plumbing Projects to the Pros

Each year, homeowners across the United States complete hundreds of thousands
of DIY projects around the home. From painting to sealing windows and
doors there’s lots the average homeowner can tackle, but when it
comes to plumbing, these projects are best left to the pros.

  1. You probably don’t have the right tools for the job. Sure, you may
    have a plunger for a clogged toilet and you might even have a pipe wrench,
    but there are lots of speciality tools plumbers use on a daily basis that
    you won’t find in your old tool box.

  2. You may not know the correct placement for fixtures. Need to install a
    new sink? There are three ways to install a sink right off the bat: top-mount,
    undermount and pedestal. Leave this job to the pros so you can avoid leaks
    and other major problems down the road.

  3. You don’t know if you should repair or replace. You may be thinking
    a pipe or fixture needs to be completely replaced when in reality, a quick
    repair will suffice. Or on the other hand, you may think a quick fix will
    be good enough to last a while when a full replacement is in fact, necessary.

  4. You probably don’t have enough time. You work a full-time job and
    have kids to take care of in your spare time. Most plumbing projects need
    to be completed in one shot to avoid major trouble, so if you need to
    break for a few hours or even overnight you could be creating a monster.

  5. You could damage other items in the vicinity. Plumbers are conscious of
    other fixtures, pipes and the structures surrounding the issue and are
    trained to make the fix without damaging anything or injuring themselves.

The conclusion? While there are lots of jobs we encourage you to tackle
on your own, you should leave most plumbing jobs to the experts. That’s
where we come in! Call on the professionals at Hero Plumbing, Heating
& Cooling today and we’ll take the stress out of that project.

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