At Hero, Our Employees Come First

We believe the key to a happy customer is a happy employee.

That’s why we’ve built an entire company that is 100% focused on putting our employees first by giving them competitive salaries, work-life balance, and a family-like culture.

Come take a shop tour to see what we’re all about.

We Know You Have a Job

We know you’re busy, so if you are the slightest bit interested, Check out our Career Site & then contact us:

(612) 554-0723
[email protected]

Start a hassle-free conversation to learn more about your options.

Our hiring process is confidential. 
We can meet with you anytime, including weekends and after work.

Your Family Deserves More

Are you looking for a better lifestyle?

Do you wish you could be a part of your kids sporting events more? Or join a softball league?

Are you working 30 hours one week and 60 the next and not able to make it home on time?

Are you a Rockstar playing on the junior varsity team?

Is the craftsmanship of the men and women around you good enough for your home?

Do you get excited to go to work every morning or do you dread working with your coworkers?

Is your health insurance eating into your paycheck?

Maybe it’s time for a change

Our commitment to you is a work-life balance that will allow you to enjoy free time with your family.

Work with a team of men and women who will work shoulder to shoulder with you, make you laugh out loud at the irony of life and impress you so much, you never want to let them down!

You owe it to yourself to take the next step! You deserve to work for a company that is growing and has more opportunities for you. A company with full-time trainers and technical lab in-house. A company that is dedicated to making you great.

Shoot us a text and start a conversation with us. Stop in for a tour and see if we are the real deal. Walk through our call center, sit in our training room, meet the men and women you are going to work with and see, see if we are who we say we are.

Do it for you because your family deserves more time with you and you deserve to feel damn proud at the end of every workday. Your family deserves a Hero.


Our pay is the best in the industry and our benefits are phenomenal, your family will love it! Pay is important, but we are looking for driven men and women. We are looking for Rockstars who want more out of their careers, a company they can grow with, and a place that can provide them with a long-term future. Learn more here.

6 REASONS our employees

Proud Of The Work We Do

We take pride in our craftsmanship. We want you to be able to step back at the end of the day and be proud of what you just did.

Great Pay And Top-Notch Benefits

We pay fairly and pay well. We want you to be free to enjoy your life.

Steady Hours & Free Time To Enjoy Your Life

We’ve invested in your happiness and your overall well-being, both when you’re at work and when you’re not.

Comradery. People You Like To Work With

Go to work every day with people who put a smile on your face. People you can laugh with throughout the day and people you really care about.

Opportunity To Grow Into Your Fullest Potential

Helping you reach your full potential, both as a professional and personal, is part of our mission. We’re constantly learning and improving in our never-ending quest for greatness.

Chance To Be A Hero To The World At Large

When you’re a part of the Hero team, you’re not just fixing problems for homeowners:
You’re making a difference in the world.

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