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4 Fall Maintenance Tasks To Tackle Now

When you sign up to become a homeowner, you’re also taking on the maintenance responsibilities that come along with it. As each new season makes its way into town, there are a number of different tasks you must tackle if you want to get through the change in weather without any hiccups. With that said, you’ll want to cross these important projects off of your to-do list in the next couple of days so you can rest assured knowing your home is ready for fall:

1 – Install Weatherstripping Around Windows and Doors

It’s time to button up those cracks and gaps where you can see daylight coming through beneath doors or around windows. Why? Well, air is escaping through those holes and that’s one of the main reasons for those high energy bills.

A few small packages of rubber or foam weatherstripping should be all you need to create adequate seals in order to eliminate air leaks.

2 – Protect Your Air Conditioner

Any piece of equipment located outside is at risk of being damaged by the elements. However, you can fight back by being proactive and adding a protective layer to the air conditioner’s compressor. All you need to do is place a piece of plywood over the unit to keep the fins and other interior components out of harm’s way.

3 – Flush Your Water Heater

Sediment builds up in the tank all year long, and for that reason, flushing it out once a year is a MUST! Simply place a bucket underneath the discharge pipe and lift the lever on the pressure-release valve. Then close the shutoff valve on the cold supply pipe and turn the hot water on at all faucets in the house to release pressure from the tank.

Usually, flushing 2-3 gallons of water out of the tank is enough to remove the sediment buildup, but it’s important to let the water flow until you stop seeing particles in the bucket.

4 – Drain Garden Hoses

Frigid temperatures will be here before you know it and garden hoses and freezing temps don’t get along too well. If you want to be able to use your hoses again come spring, you must drain them now. Standing water in the line can and will freeze and when water freezes, it expands and can easily split the hose, similar to a burst pipe.

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