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4 Simple Ways to Cut down on Household Trash

How many times do you take out the trash on a weekly basis? Probably seems like way too many, right? Well, contrary to popular belief, there are lots of ways to cut down on the amount of household trash your family produces. Try these ideas out and see if you find yourself making trips to the cans less frequently:

  1. Recycle and Repurpose: instead of throwing all that trash away, find creative ways to reuse it. You’d be surprised at how many ideas you’ll find it you spend a few minutes on Pinterest. You can even use empty wine bottles as flower vases or a decanter for olive oil.

  2. Use Your Own Shopping Bags: some areas are installing a fee for using the store’s plastic shopping bags and if that isn’t incentive enough for you to bring your own, just think about how much less trash you’ll create.

  3. Get Rid Of Your Old Things: before the holidays hit. Take some time to clean out your house. But instead of throwing away things you no longer need, donate them to charity. It always feels good to give back to the community.

  4. Quality Over Quantity: do you find yourself purchasing inexpensive replicas or lesser versions of whatever it is you need? Cheaper items tend to fulfill a much shorter lifespan and then you have to throw them away so it’s not always a bad idea to spend a few extra bucks.

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