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5 Common Questions About Unico Air Conditioning

It’s just about time to get the shorts out of storage and get your air conditioning system ready to take on the new season. After a long winter in the Twin Cities, warmer temperatures are arriving and we couldn’t be happier!

Throughout our years in business, we’ve come across a few common questions about Unico air conditioning systems that we want to take the time out to answer for you. Take a look at a few of them below, you might have the same ones!

Q: Does the system make a whistling noise?

A: “The air comes out just above our bed and we can’t hear a whistling noise.” The sound should be just about as quiet as a forced air system.

Q: Where is the unit going to go? I live in a walk-up and don’t have a lot of living space.

A: In most cases we can tuck the unit in a corner or place it above the second or third floor in the attic space. We can also find a spot in the basement.

Q: Is there a unit that sits outside?

A: Yes, just like with traditional forced air there is an outside unit. Refrigeration lines connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit.

Q: Will you have to tear up my house to put one in?

A: 97% of all installations can be done in one day and very little carpentry work is required. About 75% of installations require no carpentry work at all. It will look seamless and match the architecture of your home.

Q: Do the outlets come in color options other than white?
A: They do. There are hardwood options that will match any type of wood, plus the plastic outlets come in off-white to match most ceilings. They can also be painted to match any surface.

Want to learn more about Unico air conditioning systems? Give the friendly staff at Uptown a call today – (612) 324-1004. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

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