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5 Tips on Shopping for a Kitchen Sink in Minneapolis

One bowl or two? Undermount or overmount? Shiny surface or dull finish? These are all things you need to consider when shopping for a new kitchen sink.

Stainless steel is a great choice as it doesn’t require extensive cleaning, but there are other qualities that affect value and quality that are important when making your decision. See below for tips on shopping for a new stainless steel sink:

Less Is More

When searching for a stainless steel sink, it’s important to gauge its metal. While there isn’t a huge difference between 16 and 18-gauge, 22-gauge is more susceptible to denting and vibrating. Stick with 16 or 18-gauge as it will be better equipped to support the weight of a quality faucet, and won’t dent when it’s dropped into place.

Is It Deep Enough?

A  general rule of thumb: the deeper the sink, the more expensive it will be. However, it’s not a good idea to cut back in this category. Shallow sinks can’t hold as much and are much more likely to splash outside of the sink. Keep in mind that you’ll get more volume with square corners, straight sides and a flat bottom.

Don’t Neglect The Drain

You’ll want to make sure the sink’s drain and basket will be able to catch any big chunks of food or other items that may clog the drain. Also consider the location of the drain – if it’s located toward the back of the sink you’ll have space to work with.

Noise Control

Hate the sound of dishes and silverware rattling around in your sink? This is another quality you will need to think about while shopping. If you like peace and quiet, make sure the sink contains sound pads or insulation.

Choosing A Finish

Don’t get sucked into the first shiny sink you see. Although it looks nice in the showroom, mirrored finishes are more difficult to clean and they show every fingerprint and smudge. If you don’t want to clean your sink constantly, we recommend choosing a brushed or satin finish.

Take these tips with you when you’re ready to go shopping for a new sink, you’ll be glad you did. When you make your purchase and are ready to have it installed, give the plumbing experts at Uptown a call. We’ll make sure your sink is mounted and installed properly so you can get back to enjoying your fully functional kitchen!

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