7 Budget-Friendly Bath Ideas

When it comes to the bathroom, a small investment can make a BIG splash. Forget the ridiculously expensive accessories and opt for bold, budget-friendly items such as salvaged shutters or a unique vanity that will spice up the room a bit. See below for a few more inspirational ideas that will add some flair to your bathroom.

  1. Dress Up The Window: you don’t have buy expensive shades to make a statement. In fact, you can do the complete opposite. Try adding salvaged shutters to the window – they’ll offer privacy without blocking the sun’s natural light and you can get a pair for around $25.

  2. Mix It Up: who said you need to have the same flooring material throughout the bathroom? Why not mix it up with a combination of wood planks and tile?

  3. Sink Stand: not enough space for a large vanity in your small bathroom? Try a sink stand with a wall-mounted sink. Add a curved towel rail for functionality and for about $300 you can have a whole new look.

  4. Storage In The Shower: nowhere to put your shampoo or body wash? If you have a window in your shower you’re set! Add a ledge to the existing windowsill, but make sure to use material that can withstand water. For around $30, you’ll have a place to store your shower essentials without taking up valuable space.

  5. Multifunctional Shaker Pegs: have decorative towels? Need a place to store them? Consider installing a row of shaker-style pegs.But, if hanging decorative towels isn’t your style use it as a handy place to hang your robe or any other bathroom essentials.

  6. Color Coordinate: tired of boring white walls? Make a statement with subway tiles and colorful grout. This is where your artistic creativity comes into play – the possibilities are endless.

  7. Galvanized Roofing In The Bathroom?: if colorful subway tiles and grout doesn’t sound appealing, you can take another creative path. Wrap the lower half of the wall in metal roofing – it’s inexpensive ($12 for an 8-foot panel), rust proof and practically indestructible.

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