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7 Ways to Repurpose PVC Pipes

You never want to end up just one PVC pipe short when trying to complete your latest home improvement or plumbing job, so you shop with the “better safe than sorry” mentality and load up your cart. But now that the job is successfully finished, you’re looking around and realizing you bought a few too many pipes. Don’t be too quick to throw them away and instead check out some of these handy ways to repurpose those unused pipes.

Storage – Cap one end of a wide pipe and hang it on the wall of your garage to hold everything from stray nuts and bolts to future building plans.

Control Cords – Paint PVC to match your floor or baseboard, and then run stray wires through for a cleaner look.

Water Plants the Right Way – First, drill small holes two inches apart down the length of the pipe. Then place the pipe in the middle of a pot and pack dirt around it. Next time you care for your plants, pour water down the pipe to evenly distribute water to the entire plant.

A Makeshift Vacuum Hose – Attach a 1 ½ inch PVC pipe to the end of a vacuum hose to clean hard to reach places, like ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.

Hang Drapes – PVC is cheaper and more durable than your average curtain rod, so hang drapes on a standard ¾ inch pipe.

Protect Your Foundation – Attach a thick piece of PVC to the end of a downspout or drain to divert water away from your home. For the best results, line the area with plastic and cover the pipe with gravel.

Create a Time Capsule – Redoing an old but beloved room in the house? Stick a few pieces of fabric, paint chips or flooring from before the remodel into a PVC pipe and cap both ends. Leave it between studs before you hang drywall and come back to it 20 years later.

Still using your PVC pipes for a plumbing job that’s a bit out of your control? Call the pros at Uptown Plumbing for quality home service solutions since 1914. With the use of diagnostic leak detection and repair equipment we can locate your leak quickly and accurately and perform your repair fast.

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