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Can I Use My Attic For Storage Space?

From holiday decorations to old table settings and out-of-style clothes, the attic makes for a perfect storage area in most homes. After all, not everyone is fortunate enough to have ample space to store everything on the main floors of the house and renting a monthly storage unit can be quite costly. But is the attic really the best place to keep things that aren’t currently being used? The answer might surprise you!

Is It Safe To Store Things In The Attic?

Unlike basements, where moisture levels tend to be the highest in the house, attics are generally much safer options when it comes to setting and forgetting lots of rarely used items. There typically isn’t much going on up there and when homeowners are going for that “out of sight, out of mind” feeling, it makes perfect sense.

While attics are generally safer storage areas than basements, as dark damp tend to foster mold and mildew growth, we should mention that items sensitive to heat or drastic changes in temperature would do better elsewhere. With the sun beating on the roof all day, attics can reach temperatures upwards of 150°F or more!

Is It Smart To Store Things In The Attic?

It might sound sensible to start using your attic as storage space if you aren’t doing so already, but before you haul all of those items up there, consider this. You can actually cut your heating bills if your attic is properly insulated.

Instead of filling the space with luggage, old rugs or carpets, or books and magazines from the past, we recommend filling it with insulation. That’s right, by insulating the walls and the floor of the attic you can prevent major heat loss from the living areas of your home. The result? You likely won’t need to run your heating system as often and for as long as you might if your attic wasn’t insulated, which will drastically reduce energy bills throughout the colder months of the year.

The conclusion? You certainly can use your attic for additional storage space, but we definitely recommend insulating it first. If you can add adequate amounts of insulation and still have space for your stuff, go right ahead!

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