“Go Green” with Natural Holiday Decorations This Season

Go green this holiday season with energy-efficient decorations. By making “green” holiday choices, you can decorate your home and show off your holiday spirit while saving money and conserving resources. See below for ways you can substitute power consuming decorations with natural items.

Consider using few or no lights this year. Opt for decorations such as pine cones, candles and fresh greenery that look and smell wonderful, without consuming electricity. Natural birch branches with red winterberries tied together with ribbons will turn an ordinary banister into a festive winter wonderland.

If you choose to decorate with lights, plug both indoor and outdoor lights into a timer to save electricity. Remember to turn them off at night before you go to sleep to avoid fires. If you notice any discoloration of electrical outlets while decorating, it may require professional attention. Give Uptown a call and we will come to your home to make sure the outlet is safe.

Brighten up your home by lighting candles in decorative vases. Add holiday charm by using faux snow and pinecones inside the vase. Not only do candles provide natural light, a pleasant aroma will fill your home.

Create a cozy, warm atmosphere by lighting a fire and giving your furnace a rest. Even if you’ve had an energy-efficient heating system installed, natural heat from the fireplace will keep hard earned cash in your wallet. Don’t forget about the importance of maintaining your heating system, we’ll make sure your system and all of its parts are working at maximum efficiency.

Choosing natural decorations will help to balance out the inevitable increase in energy consumption that comes along with the holiday season.

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