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How to Prevent Mold from Growing Inside Your Home

“At least 50 percent of homes have water damage,” according to the experts in MOLDY and “28 percent of the population have genes that make them highly susceptible to mold-related health issues.” Mold tends to infest damp homes especially after floods and major storms. So how can you protect yourself and your home from mold?

I can’t see it so I’m safe, right?

Wrong. Just because you can’t see mold, doesn’t mean that it’s not there – it usually grows inside of drywall which makes it difficult to detect. Environmental mold is a bigger concern than asbestos or lead paint and it affects each and every one of us.

Proper construction is key.

The best way to prevent mold growth inside your home is for it to be built right in the first place. Unfortunately, mold can grow due to a pinhole leak in a water line, a leaky shower or water pooling up in your crawl space.

Ask a doctor.
Your doctors may not even notice that you have been affected by mold so it’s important to ask. Explain your living conditions to them to help properly diagnose any potential issues and remember that the quality of the air inside your home has a direct affect on the quality of your life.

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