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Old Wiring in Your Home Can Be an Electrical Hazard

Is the wiring in your house able to handle all of your electronic devices and appliances? If you live in an older Twin Cities – St. Paul home, chances are it was built before your devices were even invented. Old wiring can be a serious electrical hazard, so see below for some tips on rewiring:

  1. Even before you call in an electrician, take stock of the electrical devices and appliances you use in your home. This will help the electrician plan for the proper amount of electrical sockets and switches.

  2. Make sure your electrician is aware of any plumbing or other wires located behind walls. Keep in mind that drilling too many holes can weaken the structure and potentially harm your home.

  3. Have your electrician inspect the circuit breakers as well. Chances are if you have old wiring, you have old circuit breakers.

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