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The Solution for Drafty Windows

It’s just about time to turn of those central air conditioners and open up the windows. After all, temperatures are falling and pretty soon we’ll need to crank up the heat. So this is the perfect time to fix your drafty windows once and for all. Don’t wait until the cold weather really settles in.

Aside from making your home feel much colder, drafty windows could be the reason for your astronomically high energy bills. A colder house means running for the thermostat to raise the temperature a few degrees which leads to an increase in utility bills, bummer. So let’s take a few hours to stop drafts in their tracks.

Find The Source
Maybe not all of your windows are letting in a draft, but how do you know? An easy well to tell is to light a candle and hold it in front of the window. It the flame blows around or flickers chances are you have a draft.

Get To Work
Afraid that eliminating drafts requires too much work? Don’t be scared. Most homeowners can easily install shrink insulation film to their windows or apply weather stripping where it’s needed. Both items can be found at most local home improvement stores.

You should also look for and fill in any noticeable cracks or gaps with caulk. If you’re not comfortable with these tasks, don’t hesitate to call on the experts at Uptown!

For the best in service, advice and expert installations for your new heating system in the Twin Cities – St. Paul area, call and speak with the heating professionals at Uptown Heating today.

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