When to Buy a Smart Thermostat

Fed up with high energy bills and the constant battle between saving a few bucks and cooling off in a perfectly chilled house? While there are lots of factors that go into the battle, purchasing a smart thermostat can surely help. But when is the right time to buy one and have it installed? Find out below:

Even though you’ve put your home’s heating system on the back burner and are likely only thinking about keeping cool, the summer is the perfect time to start thinking about heat.

Who Likes Disruptions?

Since your heating system is most likely turned off during the summer, it’s the perfect time to have a new thermostat installed. Why? There will be less disruption when it comes to the installation and if it doesn’t go as planned, you won’t be without heat in the middle of winter.

Installer Availability

Ever need emergency service during your heating company’s peak season? We hope you don’t have to wait too long, but sometimes it’s inevitable. That’s another reason why the summer is a great time to start thinking about your heating needs – so you can beat the rush!

Give It Time To Learn

Many of the thermostats on the market today “learn” your home’s temperature patterns. Having one installed now will help you save money in the upcoming months by better preparing for the change in temperature.

At Uptown, our knowledgeable and skilled technicians are up-to-date on the latest technology. Give us a call today to find out how a smart thermostat can help you save!

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