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Wood Countertops Are Making a Comeback!

Why choose granite or marble that will cost you thousands of dollars when there’s a much cheaper and just as visually appealing option? Wood countertops are making a comeback and they can really add charm and elegance to any kitchen. With a number of benefits including durability and the fact that they’re environmentally friendly, find out why a wood countertop might be a great option in your home:

  • They can be budget-friendly: a butcher-block countertop made from birch or beech can cost little more than laminate and much less than natural stone or engineered materials. If you want a visually rich and warm to the touch feel, wood is a great option.

  • Ease of installation: unlike natural stone, do-it-yourselfers can cut prefab butcher-block tops to fit around corners, sinks and appliances.

  • Cover up the scratches: wood countertops can easily be refinished. Knife scratches, deep gouges and even burn marks can be sanded out and restored to look new.

  • Making the pledge to Go Green?: most companies offer sustainably grown woods and even though they last for years, they can be recycled once they finally wear out.

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