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5 Common Questions About Boilers

It’s that time of year again. Time to start kicking your home’s
heating systems into high gear as the cooler temperatures settle in. But
when it comes to
boilers, homeowners often have questions. As a result, we’ve put together
a list of some common questions we receive here at Hero:

How long should a boiler last?

new boiler should last between 30 and 50 years, but the older they are the less efficient
they operate and the less reliable they become. Typically, homeowners
replace their boilers proactively before it becomes a “no heat emergency.”

How often should a boiler be maintained?

A heating tech should come out once per year to perform
boiler maintenance. This will ensure that it’s safe and it will help maximize efficiency.

What can a homeowner do to perform boiler maintenance?

To make sure your system is operating efficiently, homeowners can bleed
out all the radiators in the house, maintain pressure in the boiler (12-15
pounds) and keep the area around the boiler clear and clean.

How big are new boilers?

The newer the boiler, the smaller the footprint it occupies. If it was
installed 50-100 years ago you will gain a lot more space with a newer
piece of equipment.

Can we move a boiler to a new location?

Yes, we can move a boiler for you. A standard efficiency boiler can typically
be moved about 3-5 feet in any direction while a high efficiency boiler
mounted to the wall can be moved just about anywhere in the basement.

Need your boiler inspected before it’s too late? Contact the heating
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