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5 Things You Should Never Put down a Garbage Disposal

Take a quick second to think about how convenient your garbage disposal is. Now think about what your life would be like without one. That’ll be the case if you continue to throw some common food scraps down there. If you find yourself getting ready to toss the following down the drain, you should think twice:

Starch and Strings

Peeling potatoes? Serving kale, asparagus or chard? Don’t throw the scraps down the disposal. These vegetables can easily wrap around the blades causing the disposal to jam. Throw the remnants in the trash instead.

Ever notice how pasta expands when it cooks in a pot of water? The same theory is true when you toss it down the drain – it can expand every time water goes down. The result? A clogged drain or a full trap.

Egg Shells
Ever hear that egg shells actually sharpen disposal blades? Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: it’s a myth. The membrane on the shells can wrap around the blades so we recommend composting them instead.

Just polish off a plate of chicken wings? Don’t throw the bones down the disposal. They’ll just spin around with the blades or clog up the drain pipe. Lick your fingers clean and then toss them in the can instead.

Coffee Grounds
They’re so small that they’re no match for the drain, right? Sure, they’ll go down rather easily but they’re going to pile up and cause a sludgy mess.

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