Changing Your Lifestyle to Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

Suffer from sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes? Allergies take a toll on hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the United States, and with spring just a few weeks away allergy-sufferers are bracing themselves. But you don’t have to deal with your symptoms forever. Making a few minor lifestyle changes can provide you with some relief.

Avoid The Outdoors

For most, pollen is a leading cause of your irritation. While we understand that you can’t stay inside forever, try to avoid being outdoors between peak pollen periods which are usually between 2 and 4pm. It’s also a good idea to stay away from raking leaves and mowing the lawn which can stir up mold and pollen.

Shower Frequently
Believe it or not, pollen can collect on your skin and stay there for long periods of time. Shower and wash your clothes after being outdoors and opt for machine drying instead of hanging your clothes outside.

High efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filters remove allergens from the air more effectively than standard filters. Vacuum your carpets often and consider switching to tile or wood floors if you foresee a renovation in the near future.

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