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Fall Furnace Maintenance in the Twin Cities

Surprise! Fall is here. It’s time to let go of summer and start thinking about your home’s heating needs. Now is the time to start thinking about furnace maintenance – after all, you won’t want it to break down when colder temperatures settle in.

While you should always have a professional come by to perform most of your furnace’s maintenance, there are also some things homeowners can do to help keep it running smoothly this season. See below for a quick breakdown:

What An HVAC Expert Should Do:

  • Check electrical connections and voltage

  • Make sure all moving parts are lubricated

  • Check the controls. You’ll want to make sure they are in sync with your thermostat.

  • Make sure exhaust outlets are functioning properly. Otherwise your house can fill up with carbon monoxide.

  • Check all fuel lines and heat exchangers. This can help improve the efficiency of your equipment.

What You Can Do:

  • Clean or replace filters regularly. The air that your family breathes this season will likely pass through the furnace’s air filter.

  • Have a programmable or “smart” thermostat installed. It’s a great way to save energy and reduce costs throughout the winter.

  • Be sure to hire a trusted company to perform routine maintenance. That’s where we come in!

Ready to have your furnace inspected and tuned-up? Contact the heating experts at Uptown today so you can enjoy a toasty, comfortable home all season long.

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