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How To Avoid Common Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Not every job calls for the skill and expertise of a master plumber – there
are some small plumbing projects most homeowners can tackle in a short
amount of time if you have the right tools. However, your small plumbing
project can quickly turn into a nightmare where you need to call in the
experts for a major repair if you’re not careful. So, before you
get ready to take on that small leak or that shoddy hvac system you’ve
got on your hands take a read below to make sure you’re not falling
into any of these rookie plumbing traps:

Dealing With Chrome

Any time you are dealing with chrome fixtures or faucets, you need to worry
about the teeth on pliers and wrenches. These tools can easily take the
finish off of these fixtures and leave them with scrape marks.

Use a strap wrench instead of your traditional wrench so that you don’t
ruin your fixtures.

Working With Old Piping

Need to work on your old steam radiator or a pipe coming up through the
floor? You can actually change the shape of older pipes from circular
to oblong if you apply too much pressure on your pipe wrench.

To avoid this problem, make sure the wrench contacts the pipe in three
places, the top and bottom jaws as well as at the back of the wrench.

Choosing The Wrong Screws

Take note of the exact size of the screw you need before you begin any
work. If you use a screw that’s too long, they might poke through
the floor or the ceiling above, or the other side of the wall!

Don’t trust yourself to tackle plumbing projects on your own? Don’t
worry, you’re not alone! That’s where the experts at
come in – we’re here to help whenever you need us.

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