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Is It Smart To Relocate Bathroom Plumbing?

A well designed bathroom is definitely worth its weight in gold. Your bathroom
is the place where you can relax, unwind, and relieve all of the stress
of the day in one safe and secluded place. But it’s all fun and
games until it’s time for a remodel.

When you are working on a bathroom remodel, you want everything exactly
the way you envisioned. However, sometimes there can be pitfalls along
the way. One vital, but often overlooked, thing to consider is the design
of your remodel. We’re not just talking colors and decorations,
we’re talking the actual design and placement of your plumbing and
the fixtures.

Will the plumbing need to be moved in order to achieve the finished product?
This is a huge factor in the ease and cost of your bathroom remodel. Is
it even worth it?

When you set your budget for your the bathroom renovation, it’s important
to bare in mind that in some cases, surprises pop up.

If your plumber needs to bring your piping up to code, that in itself could
blow your budget out of proportion.

On top of that, completely relocating the plumbing in your bathroom has
the potential to triple your plumbing costs. A plumber may have to reroute
plumbing to connect to the proper vent, drain, and water lines in order
to fulfill your design dreams. And you guessed it – that all comes with a cost.

It’s also important to consider what the new location of the fixtures
can and will support. Floor joists need to be going in the right direction
to support a new toilet location, for example. This may require an engineer
to determine the remedy for the problem.

If you are willing to spare the extra costs and time, relocating the plumbing
is worth the hassle. However, if you are on time and budget constraints,
keeping fixtures where they are may be the better option. Oftentimes,
you can still enjoy an updated bathroom without relocating any fixtures.

Luckily, bathroom remodels aren’t always a headache. There are times
when all the stars align and provide for a quick remodel that stays on
budget. Looking to do a remodel to create the bathroom of your dreams?

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