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Save Big with Home HVAC Zoning

Why heat your whole house when your family members are only in certain
rooms? Why set the whole house to the same temperature when some people
like it a little cooler and some people prefer it a bit warmer? It doesn’t
make sense, right? Well, with home HVAC zoning everything makes more sense!

Home zoning enables you to take greater control of your home environment by dividing
it into “zones”, each with an independently controlled thermostat
that links into the central system. What exactly does this mean? We’re
going to break down some of the benefits.


Only heat areas in use rather than blanket heating your home. Heating specific
areas of the house rather than the whole thing at once uses less energy
which means you’ll save on utility costs.


Enjoy greater control of your individual comfort. Each room or zone can
be set to a different temperature enabling everyone to enjoy the right
temperature to suit them anywhere in the home. Like it cooler in the bedrooms
at night? No problem. Like it warmer in the living room during the day?
No problem. You get the picture.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of home zoning? We’ll
work with you to design the right solution with the perfect number and
location of zones as well as providing an expert installation so you can
enjoy a perfectly comfortable home all year ‘round. Give Hero Plumbing,
Heating & Cooling a call today at (612) 324-1004.

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