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Thawing Frozen Pipes

The last thing you need to deal with this winter is a frozen pipe inside your home. Even though you’ve made it a point to winterize your home, sometimes we forget about our plumbing systems. A frozen pipe can cause major destruction inside your home, so find out below how you can prevent it from happening and what you can do should your preparations fail.


The best way to deal with freezing pipes during the winter is to prevent it from happening in the first place. As homeowners in colder climates prepare their homes for winter, it’s vital to make sure your pipes are insulated properly so you aren’t stuck with damage and repair costs down the road.

How To Spot A Frozen Pipe
One major sign that a pipe is frozen is a water line coated in frost. You also may notice a portion of the pipe or water line seems to be bulging. But some of the most common red flags include faucets that won’t flow and toilets that won’t refill after a flush. If you notice any of these warning signs, you may be dealing with a serious problem.

Thawing It Out
If you’re lucky enough to identify a frozen pipe before it bursts, you need to act fast! You can thaw the pipe by turning off the water supply and using a hair dryer over the length of the pipe. You can also wrap the pipe in heat tape, but we don’t recommend using any heat source with an open flame. Once you thaw the pipe, be sure to insulate it so the problem doesn’t happen again – it’s better late than never!

Dealing with frozen pipes can be a real burden and a real hassle for inexperienced homeowners. Your best bet is to call in an expert plumber to assess the situation and rectify the problem – that’s where we come in! Contact the pros at Uptown Plumbing if you get stuck in a jam this winter.

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