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Turn Your Cold, Concrete, Crammed Basement into a Cozy Living Space!

Your basement doesn’t have to be cold, concrete and crammed with storage boxes. It has the potential to become a living space that your whole family can enjoy spending time in. They key is to treat your basement like you would any other room of your house and with a little inspiration from This Old House you can turn it into the most popular spot in your house.

Before you begin the remodel, it is important to test for moisture which can mean your foundation is not sealed properly. Check floor joists for sagging and have a professional check fuel-burning equipment and your home’s ventilation system.

During the renovation, make sure to insulate the pipes in your basement to avoid the potential of freezing and bursting and insulate walls, ceilings and floors if necessary.

A basement is not a place where you can skimp on lighting. Basements don’t normally receive as much natural lighting as the upper floors in your house so more fixtures are necessary. Dimly lit basements are a big turnoff.

One of the reasons your family may not currently utilize the basement is the lack of food. You don’t need a full kitchen in your basement, but a mini fridge for beverages, a cabinet to hold snacks, and a microwave for heating are a MUST!

Consider leaving space for games and entertainment. Billiards tables, darts, and ping-pong are great ways to attract people to the basement to hang out and have some fun.

Lastly, make your basement a cozy place where you and your family can curl up. If possible, a fireplace is a great option. Add furnishings such as a comfortable couch or armchair and paint the walls a warm color. Adding family photos or your favorite sports figures are another great way to create a cozy atmosphere.

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