4 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

How long do you spend cleaning your bathrooms each week? Probably a lot
more time than you ever expected, right? Well, whether you’d like
to admit it or not, your cleaning method could probably use a new plan
and we’ve got a few tricks that will make your life much easier.
Let’s get started:

  1. Dirty Mirrors: have water spots or toothpaste particles covering your bathroom
    mirrors? Use black tea to clean them. Pour room temperature tea into a
    spray bottle and apply liberally to the mirror. The tannic acid in the
    tea will help get rid of stubborn water spots.

  2. Cloudy Shower Doors: you probably have a big stack of dryer sheets sitting
    in the laundry room, right? Well, did you know they work wonders when
    it comes to cleaning shower doors? They contain ingredients that cut through
    soap scum with ease and all you need to do is dampen the doors and get wiping!

  3. Rust Rings: metal containers have a tendency to leave rust rings whenever
    they get wet, but that’s no match for a lemon. The acidity will
    help get rid of the stains left behind and if you want to prevent your
    cans from rusting further, coat the bottom ring with clear nail polish.

  4. Dull Faucets: have faucets that are lacking the luster they once had? Believe
    it or not, toothpaste is great for shining up chrome. Just be sure to
    use a non-gel type.

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