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5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Copper Pipes

Have old copper pipes lying around your house? You may be tempted to toss them in the trash, but think twice before you take that route. Why? Copper piping creates a gorgeous industrial look and you can use it for a number of DIY projects to add some flair to your living spaces.

Kitchen or Laundry Room Faucet: with a few old copper pipes and some fittings, you can create an industrial look in your kitchen or laundry room. Get rid of that outdated faucet and give the sink a much-needed update.

Coffee Table: time for a new table in the living room? Why purchase an expensive table from a furniture store when you make your own for a fraction of the cost? Use copper pipes to create the base of the table and you’ll just need to find a piece of glass or wood to lay on top.

Storage Rack: need more space in the kitchen for pots, pans and utensils? By putting a few pipes together and attaching it to the wall, you’ve just made room for a number of kitchen gadgets. Hang pots and pans on the horizontal pipes to free up some space in the cabinets.

Coat Hanger: use copper elbows to create hooks for jackets, umbrellas and hats in near the entryway to your house. You can even use them to hang things like ironing boards, gloves or scarves.

Toilet Paper Holder: sick of the same old look in the bathroom? Get to working on a few copper pipes and you can create a unique toilet paper holder in as little as 20 minutes.

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