5 Drain Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Summer is winding down and Labor Day Weekend is on the horizon. For most of us, this will be the last weekend of the year to throw an outdoor party for friends and family members and with that said, it’s important to make another attempt at keeping your drains clear. Avoid making the mistakes below so you don’t wind up with a serious plumbing problem this holiday weekend:

  1. Coffee Grinds: whether you’re making a pot in the morning to kick off the day or providing your guests with a cup to accompany their dessert, keep the coffee grinds out of the sink. They expand in water and can create a sludge-like substance that could stop up the drain.

  2. Grease and Oil: whether you’re using it to cook or it’s a byproduct of what you’re cooking, grease and oil do not belong down the drain. Even if they’re liquids while they’re hot or while they’re at room temperature, they can solidify after they go down the drain. Pour it into a glass bottle when it cools and toss it in the trash instead.

  3. Fruit: washing fruit? It’s common for a few pieces to fall out into the sink and maybe even into the drain. If this happens, it’s important to grab it right away and toss it in the trash. Fruit skin and fibers don’t break down easily and therefore, can cause clogs.

  4. Syrups: there’s nothing like hot fudge or chocolate syrup on top of your ice cream and lots of great barbecue recipes call for honey and ketchup. With that said, all of these syrupy liquids belong in the trash, not in the sink. Since they’re so thick, it can be difficult to wash them down the drain.

  5. Melted Cheese: this one is similar to grease and oil – just because melty cheese can almost resemble a liquid, it’ll turn back into a solid when it cools. Keep it out of the sink.

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