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5 Things You Should Never Place near Your Thermostat

Ever wonder why your home’s heating system kicks on when the house already feels warm? How about when it doesn’t kick on but you’re sitting in the living room shivering? It may not be the heating system that’s the problem, it could be what’s located around the thermostat that’s causing the issue. See below to find out why you should keep these five items away from your thermostat at all times:

  1. Air Vents: it’s your thermostat’s job to detect the temperature in the living areas of your house, right? Well, think about what’s happening if the air vent is blowing warm air right onto the piece of equipment that’s detecting the temperature. It’s going to produce an inaccurate temperature reading so make sure your thermostat is installed out of reach of the air vents.

  2. Windows & Doors: similar to the idea above, if you have drafty windows or doors near the thermostat, chances are it’s going to pick up on cooler air that is entering the house. This could be the reason why your heating system is running even though most rooms feel warm.

  3. Space Heater: Using a portable heating system in a certain area of the house to stay warm? Keep these two things in mind: one, portable heaters are not the safest option so we recommend using them with extreme caution. Two, make sure you’re not placing them near the thermostat because once again, the thermostat won’t produce an accurate temperature reading, especially for the other rooms of the house.

  4. Appliances: even though lots of appliances and electronic devices are made with technology that reduces heat, things like televisions, video game consoles and other appliances still give off heat as a by-product. Keep them away from your thermostat so your home’s heating system can work efficiently and effectively.

  5. Candles: sense any similarities here? Candles are another source of heat that can throw off the accuracy of your thermostat.

Having problems with your thermostat? That’s a problem no homeowner wants to deal with and luckily for you, our friendly technicians specialize in just that! Give Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call today and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable all fall and winter long.

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