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Fast Fixes for Summer

Is your home ready for summer? We don’t just mean getting your ac tuned-up and making sure your yard looks nice. There are a few fast fixes any homeowner can do around the home to relieve some of that summer stress.

  1. Create a Plan: severe storms often come without warning during the hot summer months – are you ready to deal with a power outage? It’s important to confirm the location of your gas and water valves as well as how to turn off the electricity.

  2. Clean the Bathroom Fan: disconnect the power at the circuit breaker and then remove the cover to your bathroom fan. Wipe down the blades with a damp cloth to increase its efficiency.

  3. Get Rid of Mildew: it’s common for sidewalks and driveways to produce mildew in the warm, humid months. You can use an outdoor mildew remover to get rid of the grime and then spray the area generously with the hose.

Need plumbing, cooling or electrical service this summer? Contact the experts at Uptown. We have over 100 years of experience so you know you can count on us!

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