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How to Improve Air Quality in the Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that every time you take a breath inside your home you’re breathing in fresh, clean air? Poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory problems along with a large list of other harmful diseases. So, how can you get rid of toxic airborne pollutants and replace them with clean air?

First, you need to minimize chemical pollutants. This means asking smokers to do so outside, tossing harsh cleaners in the trash and replacing them with natural solutions and controlling automobile and appliance exhaust.

Then, you need to keep it clean. Wash your pillows and bed sheets weekly to reduce exposure to allergens, wipe your feet or take off your shoes upon entering and use HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner and cooling and heating units.

What else can you do to improve indoor air quality? Keep your home dry and comfortable. You can achieve this by having a whole-home dehumidification system installed and by running bathroom exhaust fans while showering.

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