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How to Prevent Summer Plumbing Problems in the Twin Cities

Throwing a bbq bash for the Fourth of July this weekend? Be extra careful with the items you put in the garbage disposal. In addition to the trash, washing clothes and watering our lawns cause us to use more water during the summer. See below to find out how you can prevent major plumbing headaches this season:

  • Throw Food In The Trash: Garbage disposals tend to take a beating during the summer months. Throwing foods like corn on the cob, macaroni salad and hot dog remains down the disposal can cause clogs.

  • Limit The Loads: Children tend to spend more time playing outside during the summer and that usually means more dirty clothes. It’s important to only use the washing machine when you have a full load and make sure to select the appropriate load size to cut down on water usage.

  • Check Your Sprinklers: After long, cold winters like the one we had this year underground sprinkler systems can get damaged. Check to make sure they are working properly and be sure to inspect for leaks.

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