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Is Your Heating System Ready for Fall?

With temperatures still climbing to near 80°F, it may seem like heating season is months away. Well, fall is almost here and we know how quickly temperatures can change in the Twin Cities. With that said, it’s time to start poking around and making sure your home’s heating system will be ready when temps take a dive. Here’s what you should be doing in the upcoming weeks:

Schedule a Tune-Up: don’t wait until the first few cold days to call your local plumbing and heating company because chances are, they won’t be able to squeeze you in right away. Be proactive and schedule a tune-up now so you’re ready to go ahead of time.

Change The Filter: if you didn’t change the filter at the end of the last cold season, do so now. A fresh air filter will help your system run more efficiently and effectively.

Check The Ducts: for air leaks and any other noticeable damage. Leaky ducts can cause your energy bills to skyrocket this fall.

Test The Thermostat: flip your system over to the “heat” setting and turn up the temperature a few degrees to make sure the heat kicks on. This is also a great opportunity to check up on the programmed settings.

Clean Up: it’s a good idea to vacuum around the furnace and to suck up dirt and debris that may have fallen into the system. It’s also important to clear outside exhaust vents as well as your chimney.

Enjoy improved reliability and efficiency from your heating system when you choose periodic maintenance services from the heating experts at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’re the trusted professionals of choice in thousands of other homes and businesses over our 100+ years of business.

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