Light up Your Life with LED’s

Still haven’t made the switch to LED light bulbs? You’re not alone. But as LED prices begin to drop and their benefits continue to outweigh those of compact fluorescent lamp bulbs, more and more homeowners are making the switch.

Since incandescent bulbs were phased out in 2014, people made the switch to CFLs, even though their light quality and small amounts of mercury are drawing complaints. However, as LED awareness and use is changing, industry leaders are expecting to see more homeowners purchase LEDs.

According to USA Today, “Government statistics put the annual cost of using a 60-watt-equivalent LED for three hours a day at $1.02, compared to $1.57 for a CFL and $7.23 for an incandescent bulb.” This statistic alone might push consumers over to the LED category in the near future.

Have questions about the different types of light bulbs? Contact the expert electricians at Uptown today! We’ll be glad to discuss your options and help you make the best possible decision.

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