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Should I Consider a Large Duct AC System?

Why spend another summer tossing and turning at night because it’s
too warm in your bedroom? Why spend another summer taking shower after
shower because you just cannot stop sweating? Why spend another summer
feeling hot, sticky and dehydrated? Getting the point?

Life’s too short to continue living without air conditioning, especially
during the hottest months of the year. So, what’s the solution to
staying cool and comfortable without breaking the bank paying energy bills?
Central air conditioning.

Even if you’re living in an older home that is equipped with radiators,
you can still enjoy just about all of the comforts of air conditioning
with a large duct system.

Benefits of Large Duct Fan Coil Air Conditioners

  • Affordability

  • Reliable cooling

  • Quiet operation

  • Simple installation

Disadvantages of Large Duct Fan Coil Air Conditioners

Of course, like any cooling system, there are several disadvantages to
these types of systems as well. Generally speaking, fan coil units require
more maintenance than other types of air conditioners.

You’ll likely have to change the filter somewhat frequently in order
to continue enjoying maximum cooling efficiency. However, these systems
can offer older homes fantastic cooling and a greater level of comfort.

If you’re ready to upgrade your older home with a central AC system,
the experts at
Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help you determine if a fan coil unit is the right solution.

We always offer our honest recommendations, as well as fast, reliable installation
of large duct AC systems in Minneapolis and throughout the surrounding
areas. We offer written warranties and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
for your peace of mind. Schedule your appointment with us today to learn
how you can start enjoying central AC in your older home! What are you
waiting for? Warmer temperatures are quickly making their way into town.

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