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Why Are My Water Pipes Vibrating?

What is causing that rattling, vibrating noise behind your walls? There are a couple of different reasons why your water pipes could be making noise and don’t worry, it’s a fairly common occurrence. See below to find out some of the possible causes:

  1. The first reason could be due to loose pipes. This is a simple fix – all you need to do is secure the loose pipe to the wood framing with pipe clips.

  2. Have very high water pressure? While you might like this feature, especially when you’re taking a shower, it could be causing your pipes to vibrate. Call in a professional plumber to test your water pressure and make any necessary adjustments.

  3. Sometimes, when water valves close too quickly, it can cause a “hammer” effect where the water in the pipes will suddenly stop and become trapped. A plumber can add a water hammer arrestor to the pipe to solve this problem.

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