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Why Does My Hot Water Smell Bad?

Ever turn on the hot water in the shower or in the sink, leave the bathroom
for a minute or two and come back to the smell of rotten eggs? You don’t
remember that foul odor from when you walked into the bathroom just a
few moments ago, and there certainly wasn’t anyone eating eggs in
there in the time you were gone. So, what could be causing the unpleasant
smell? Hint hint… it might actually be your water!

What Causes Water Odors?

Most of the time, that “rotten egg” scent you’re smelling
in your water is a result of bacteria. Bacteria can form in a number of
different areas from the time city water is released to the time it flows
through your pipes and out of your fixtures.

Chlorine is typically added to city water in order to kill odor-causing
bacteria and other harmful things that might be found in the water supply.
While this works to reduce bad odors in most cases, if your house is located
toward the end of the distribution system, you may still notice the smell.

In addition to bacteria originating in the water source, that sulfur smell
can also develop in corroded piping or in your water heater tank, which
leads us to our next point — the importance of proper, regular water
heater maintenance.

How To Prevent Water Odors

Homeowners can run into a number of serious issues if water heater maintenance
is not taken seriously. From damaged pipes and leaks to poor water quality,
it’s not worth taking a chance!

Able to pinpoint the fact that the bad water smell is coming from your
water heater? There are a few things you can do, or have a professional
do, to get rid of the stench.

First, turn up the temperature on your water heater a few degrees and let
it stay like that for about 24 hours. Then run all of the hot water taps
in your home for a few minutes in order to flush out the pipes. Just remember,
the water coming out of your fixtures will be hotter than normal, so be
sure to warn your family before they turn on the faucets or bathe.

If that doesn’t do the trick, your water heater likely needs to be
sanitized. It’s best to leave this process to the pros as it involves
a number of steps and some knowledge of different water heater components
as well as safety guidelines that should be adhered to.

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