Why Is My Shower Water Brown?

Brown shower water is a sight no one wants to see. The first thing you
might want to do is recoil in disgust, but there is some silver lining:
a brown shower does not always mean your home’s water supply is contaminated.
In many cases,it’s caused by iron, which is one of the primary components
in hard water.

What Causes Brown Shower Water?

Most instances of brown shower water are caused by iron and sediment deposits.
All tap water contains iron, but it’s typically filtered so much so
that it’s undetectable. Before your shower stream starts to show signs
of iron, you may notice that your toilets, sinks and clothes develop brown,
rust-like stains.

Water Pressure Problems

If your water pressure increases, more iron can come out of the pipes,
tinting the color of the stream that comes out of your faucet.

Water Source Changes

In some cases, changes in your local water source or a disruption of soil
around a well-sourced water supply can also cause an increase in iron
and sediment entering your pipes.

Rusty Pipes

If your plumbing is old and has begun to rust, the iron may start to come
out through the water. You can try to flush the rust from the pipes yourself
by turning on the faucet and letting it run for 20 minutes.

If the brown water doesn’t disappear, then you’ll have to look
to a professional to identify the source and install a water softener
to improve the quality and condition of your water.

Can Brown Water Hurt You?

Brown water is mostly caused by sediment build-up, so it will likely do
more harm to your clothes and porcelain than you and your family. However,
you should not consume large quantities of water that contains high levels
of iron; this can offset your blood’s natural iron balance and cause
serious health risks.

Fixing brown water in your home is easy; usually, you only have to install
a water purifier or softener to remove iron and other minerals. A professional
pipe cleaning can also flush rust and other debris from your plumbing.

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