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Why Is Toilet Paper White?

We all give a lot of thought to our toilet paper at some point. Should you spend the extra money for ultra-ply, or are you really satisfied living the rest of your life with two? Too much toilet paper in your commode can quickly incite panic, only for it to be followed by immense relief as the wad, thankfully, makes its way out of the bowl with a good flush.

But of all the things to wonder about toilet paper, have you found yourself questioning where its color comes from? Believe it or not, toilet paper hasn’t always been that classic, elegant white we know and love today. In fact, colored toilet paper was a big trend as recently as the 1950s.

So, Why White?

Toilet paper is made from trees or recycled paper. Materials are broken down into a fine pulp, which is then mixed with hydrogen peroxide or chloride to create the final product. This also bleaches the material, which is more visually appealing to consumers.

The fibers that make toilet paper are naturally white, but the glue that holds the pulp together is an earthy brown. Natural toilet paper wouldn’t look nearly as pristine as the ones you buy in the store without a bleaching agent.

The white color that’s popular today is more for consumers than necessity; it’s understandable why most people wouldn’t be too keen on buying brown toilet paper. And there you have it! Colored toilet paper is now a thing of the past, but will we ever see it again in the future? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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