Avoid These Costly Kitchen & Bath Makeovers That Could Decrease Your Home’s Value

Kitchen and bath renovation is often the first choice for homeowners who
want to increase their home’s value before selling. Unfortunately,
there are a lot of costly upgrades that may actually lower your house’s
value, making you lose out on money now and after a sale.

There are plenty of ways you can touch-up your kitchen and bathroom to
make your home feel brand-new, but avoid these upgrades that can cause
your home’s value to plummet:

Retiling Your Entire Bathroom

If you aren’t careful, new tiles on a bathroom wall can cause damage
to your pipes and result in leaks that cause thousands of dollars in water
damage. Bathroom remodels are time-consuming and must be handled with
meticulous care; if you don’t have to spend thousands in upgrading
your walls, don’t bother. Save the money and invest it something that
buyers always go for like new hardwood floors or ENERGY STAR appliances.

Bad Kitchen Layouts

Blocking your sink, stove and other main appliances with a poor layout
can be disastrous. Not only is a bad layout difficult to maneuver, but
your plumber and electricians could have a difficult time reaching important
areas during an inspection or emergency repair.

Spa Shower

The more jets and showerheads you have, the higher the cost to run. Luxury
comes with a hefty price tag, and no one wants to face paying hundreds
of dollars just to take a shower. If you want to upgrade your bathroom,
look for a water-conserving showerhead that will actually save money and
conserve energy.

Sunken Tubs

You don’t need to replicate the Roman Baths in your home to wow buyers;
save yourself money and expensive renovation costs by forgoing any major
tub upgrades and sticking to the basics. If you want to buy a new bathtub,
make sure that you have a professional plumber install it and come in
ahead of time to advise you on the best fit for your space.

Hood Fans with Flex Ducts

Kitchen ducts should be non-combustible and fire-resistant. Flex ducts
are plastic covered with metal that are against many city codes and pose
a major fire hazard; have a professional check your kitchen and make sure
that your home isn’t violating any major codes or putting people’s
health at risk with faulty upgrades and poor installation.

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