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Tackling 2 Common Plumbing Leaks

A few drips here. A few drips there. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.
While there are lots of headaches that go hand-in-hand with owning a home
and let’s face it, lots of them are more serious than a leaky faucet
or toilet tank valve, but if left alone that dripping can become a serious
problem. Not to mention it’s a waste of both water and money.

How To Fix A Flapper Valve

Notice that your toilet is making a trickling noise long after the toilet
has been flushed? Chances are, a worn flapper valve is the reason for
the noise and the leak. Under normal conditions, the flapper opens up
to allow the tank to refill after a flush. As it wears out over time,
it can fail to create an adequate seal. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet.

  • Remove the old flapper valve and purchase a similar replacement. (Stick
    to the part made for your specific toilet – you can take the old one with
    you to be sure.)

  • Most flapper valves can be removed and installed without any tools. Just
    pop the old one off and place the new one in. You may want to use emery
    cloth to smooth any rough edges to ensure a watertight seal.

How To Fix A Leaky Faucet

Sink faucets can wear out over time, especially in areas with hard water
which we have here in the Twin Cities. So if you notice that yours is
leaking even when the level is turned to the off position, you may need
to swap out the worn out valve. Here’s how to do so:

  • You’ll need to replace the valve with the exact same model. Note
    that different faucet models from the same manufacturer can have completely
    different parts.

  • First, turn off the water supply, both hot and cold.

  • Then pop off the faucet cap and remove the screw to free the lever.

  • Use pliers to remove the retainer nut and then replace the O-rings.

  • Take note of the small notch at the top of the cartridge stem because you
    will need to make sure it’s in the same place when you install the new one.

  • Remove the cartridge and retrace your steps to install the replacement.

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